Tuesday, August 19, 2008

1977 Trans Am Firebird

This is exactly like my old Trans Am. I loved that car!

I drove mine from Idaho to Texas and back. The air conditioner went out about 2 hours after we left Bay City Texas, heading home, it was August. Not the best time to lose the air in Texas!

My friend and I thought by the time we reached the panhandle of Texas we had lost about 10 pounds each from sweating out butts off! We took off as many articles of clothing that the law allowed and we stopped at almost every Dairy Queen drive in along the way and ordered the largest iced tea on the menu!

That is one of my most memorable road trips to date.

I ended up having to sell the Trans Am for a Mom car. I'm so embarrassed to even tell you that I traded it in on a Monte Carlo! I cried as I signed the title and the salesman kept asking me, are you sure you want to do this?

I drove the Monte Carlo for 3 months and hated every minute of it! I sold it and bought a brand new Toyota Supra, Red and loads of fun.

I do miss the Trans Am.

The Lady

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