Tuesday, February 24, 2009

1958 Corvette

The 1958 Corvette was redesigned mostly in the front, the new style, credited to Harley Earl, had a more aggressive, almost mean look to it. The most distinguishing feature being the four headlights

All the instruments (except the clock) were placed in front of the driver, allowing him/her to use them while still paying attention to the important business of driving. Most prominent was the all-important 6,000 RPM tachometer. The refined layout brought rave reviews from buyers.

A grab bar was installed for the benefit of the passenger, which was probably often appreciated by the passenger, considering the Corvette's performance potential. The grab bar was most commonly known as the sissy bar or Oh Jesus bar.

1958 Corvette hood, sported non-functional louvres. It was affectionately known as the washboard hood. The trunk featured two spears (nicknamed suspenders) that ran the length of the panel. Both items identify the cars as 1958 Corvettes as they were not used on any other year.

The coves remained as part of the styling, gaining a side vent accented with three horizontal spears. I love the coves.

Base Corvette with 283 cu -in V8, produced up to 290 horsepower engine and three speed manual transmission. You could have had this baby sitting in the driveway for the base price of $3,591.00

I would absolutely love to have one of these beauties!

The Lady


  1. The 1958 Corvette, Oh Boy oh boy, what a beauty.
    I love that mean look to it and I haven't seen one of them for a few years, though sometimes in the summertime I get a glimpse of one from a proud owner who is out on the town for a night.
    It sure makes a great conversation piece and you know someone will stop to ask to something about it at least once. I would be interested in owning at least one of these when I have indoor parking in my next new home. The home I own now comes with outdoor parking and I don't think a baby like this deserves to be left out in Boston's cold winter days all lonesome.
    Enjoyed your blog post, nice work.

  2. One of my favorit's. 58 to 62 Love em.

  3. Those old Vettes are the best. This '58 is a beauty, but I admit being partial to the '63, its famous split rear window and independent rear suspension, something I think a true muscle car should have.