Thursday, February 12, 2009

1971 Chevelle 454 SS

I have always loved this style of the Chevrolet Chevelle SS. I had a friend in Texas that had one fully restored, but I've lost contact with her so I could not get the photo's she had.

We used to drive into Dallas on a Friday night and go to the clubs. The car always drew more attention that the two blonds inside!

The 1971 Chevelles came in two packages. The SS- 454, and the other was simply the SS, available with either the 402, 350-4 or 350-2 engine. Base price was $4000

I love the Silver one.

I have a friend with an older Chevelle, I will get pictures and post them soon.



  1. I love the car Lady. There were a few around my town back in the day, but even then they were mostly bondo buckets or regular Chevelle's that some stuck the SS symbols on. Rarely saw a nice real one. But, even if I did, if there were two nice blondes in it, I'd be looking at them, not that car. But that's just me :)

  2. Ms. MHL: Now you've hit on one my favorite muscle car. If you dig up a 69 SS then you will have hit my all time favorite one. Had a friend here who had a black SS 454 and that thing was fast. There is a classic car dealer here in town. Next time I get out on the bike I'll stop in and take some photos for you.

    For some reason I can't get your link in my blog roll to work right. I'll try to get it fixed.


  3. I guess I saw too many of these growing up that it doesn't do much for me. The silver one isn't too bad.

    And yes, two beautiful blondes would definitely get my attention long before the car! ;)

  4. This is and has always been a favorite amongst most. I'm always liked them.