Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Celeb Chef Guy Fieri loves Muscle Cars Too!

Some of you might already know about Guy Fieri and the 1967 Chevy Camaro SS convertible that he drives on the Food network tv show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

I love the car he gets to drive, but he doesn't own it, the Food Network does. But, hey, what a great job! He gets to drive in style and eat amazing food!

For fans who wonder -- yes, Fieri does actually drive the show's convertible on nice days between shoots, and they shoot two weeks each month to bring viewers to those out-of-the-way dives.

"The longest drive I've taken -- from Seattle down to Portland, took that drive in, it was awesome," Fieri recalls. "The gas is expensive but the tan is free."

(Top photo is not the car Guy drives, see spoiler missing? I added it for a better view of the car style)

I know, I know, another Red car. Sorry! It just happens.



  1. Ms. MHL: Nice car. Sucks to have a job were the company car is a classic hot rod convertible that you HAVE to drive to work and eat great food for free! And I thought it was cool I get to ride to work on a Harley. OK is it cool, but dang what a great backup plan.


  2. Thank you for the award, You show some fine cars on your site it must be great driving them.

  3. Hey great the car...he's lucky to get to drive it and to eat the good food...wonder what else he gets...I mean some lucky gys have no limit of bounty coming their Tattoosssss

  4. @fasthair- Well your set-up is pretty cool so keeps Guy's gig as a back-p only. Your hair probably looks different after riding in a car, you don't want to loose that look!

    @Keith- You are welcome-I really enjoy the pictures and pots on your site. If I can make a trip across the pond to see my best friend in the UK, I will let you know because I want to see the gardens you tend.

    @Baron-You are just feisty :-) I'm sure he gets everything he wants. Seems like once the ball of prosperity gets rolling she just keeps on moving!

  5. he has a lambo and a gmc sierra with like a 9" lift on 37s or so

  6. Very nice. Havent seen many 67 Camaro convertibles. Very nice indeed!