Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fabulous Blog Award - Say What?!

Whoa Fasthair, I can't believe you did this! I am honored that you would let me into the club, lol, thank you.

The rules for the "Fabulous Blog" award are:
  1. You must pass it on to 5 other Fabulous Bloggers in a post receiving the award.
  2. You must include the person that gave you the award, and link it back to them.
  3. You must list 5 of your Fabulous addictions in the post.
  4. You must copy and paste these rules in the post.
I'll start with number 2. Fasthair thank you so much for including me in your fab 5 list. I feel very special that you have visited my little blog and commented several times. (I want to know, are you the guy yelling in the pic or the oh so cool dude in the tux?) For those of you that don't know, I started following the bikers blogs because my brother is very ill, going blind and is a Harley man through and through. He can no longer ride and can barely see the computer screen to read the blogs, so I am honoring my brother and at the same time, totally enjoying the posts on the biker blogs you are all a part of. Thank you, thank you Fasthair!

My 5 Fabulous addictions are as follows:
  1. Red Vines
  2. Muscle cars of course
  3. The internet
  4. The TV show LOST
  5. I'm a carnivore, I love Steak, Prime Rib, Burgers. Pretty much all things Beef!
I would like to pass this award on to these 5 blogs, although it it very difficult to narrow it down to just 5. Here they are:
  1. Life On Scilly I stumbled upon this blog and have really enjoyed the posts from this man who is a loving father, husband and hard worker. I became fascinated with this little island and a glimps into a life that I find very unique.
  2. Life Through My Eyes Rick and his wife both blog. Again, I just stumbled across his blog and enjoyed it from the first read.
  3. Birdland Creations This is a talented artist that has some great little trinkets. I love the pieces of jewelry that are featured. Take a peek at the site when you get time.
  4. The Daily Blonde Cooks! A funny Blonde that has great food and interesting comments.
  5. Sussing Out LOST and finally this one gets listed because LOST is a real and ongoing obsession of mine.
So there you have it. Thanks again for adding me to the club!

The Lady


  1. Thanks for giving me your award and also for your kind words.
    It makes such a difference to me when you know that there are people out there looking in that are interested in what I am doing!
    Cheers George.

  2. Cheers George!
    I love your posts and the pictures you share.
    The excitement over the snow you all got was so fun to see and read about.

    Ok my friends, be sure to visit George's blog!

  3. Ms. MHL: Which one am I? I'm the cool one of course :) If you go back to one of my first posts (Are You Talking To Me?)you can find out all about the story behind that photo.

    Haven't got to all of your favorite five yet. But I will say the Blonde's site made me gain five pounds just looking at it. Wonder if I can talk her into cooking me dinner?

    If you ever find yourself in Iowa let me know and I will take you out for the best steak you have ever had! It is Iowa after all, home of the best beef on the planet.


  4. Hi MHL,
    Thank you so much for the award. I was so surprised when I saw that you gave it to me. I will post it tomorrow on my blog. Thanks again I greatly appreciate it. Rick