Thursday, March 5, 2009

March in Idaho, Gotta Love it or go freakin crazy!

Fasthair, Joker, Ladyridesalot, all of you riders, check out todays weather at my house. ARRRRRRGGGGG!
It's official, my weather sucks!



  1. Ms. MHL: Yep its official your weather does suck! Funny you post this because I almost dedicated today’s phone photo post to you and your brother after reading about him. I hope he got to enjoy my photo from my ride today.

    The best part about snow this time of year, it doesn’t stay around too long. Lets see. No Jeep. Snow. Screw it have a whiskey, I’ll even buy the first one!


  2. The date is coming wrong - at least in my snaps because we had to re-feed the date in. It happens.
    Oh I dont know maybe it would be pathetic to live permanently in this kind of weather but since I've hardly ever experienced snow I go 'wow' when I see these snaps.
    Wishing you loads of warmth :)

  3. Yes agree.
    Your weather does suck!
    My condolences.

  4. Looks bad. Our snow is gone. Hope Mr. Motorcycle does not send anymore our way. heehee But springs a comin.

  5. We dont see much snow here in West Cornwall to close to the sea, sorry to read about your jeep good job no one was hurt the jeep can be replaced thank you for your blog I look in most days

  6. We've seen some snow here in the PNW, this year, but except for a couple of weeks, it was nowhere this bad.
    Yes, your weather sucks...!
    Love that 68 Cougar.!

  7. that's a bummer.. it's completely opposite here in my country.. So darn hot here.. it's already summer here... Lot's of tourist comin' here for the beach.. Just some 15 min. ride from my home is an internationally known waterpark CWC cable wakeboarding park.. I've seen so many tourist comin' here maybe because they just opened a new cable lake.. well.. hope snow goes away soon....

  8. I hate the snow. I grew up in Utah and got out of it as soon as I could. I don't miss it one single bit, but it does look pretty in the pictures.

  9. Hi, there! Came by way of your profile from your comment... I had a 1976 Cougar XR that was my favorite car EVER! LOL! Thank you for visiting my blog and your comments. Hope you have some sunshine soon! I'll be back to visit!

  10. Not much driving for you then! I don't miss the snow. A few years in NH and that did it for me. Hope it clears soon. And thanks again for my award on my blog - I passed it forward today.