Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Pink Caddy. 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritze

Hi Everyone,

Today I decided to celebrate a great year, 1959. It's special to me because it's the year I became more than just a twinkle in my dad's eyes, it's the year I was born. March 18, 1959. Yes, I'm now 50. Half a century. Older than dirt. Ancient, if you are my kids age!

I'm celebrating because I decided last year that when I turned 50 I was going to own it, love it and embrace it with open arms. I'm healthy, happy and have loads of plans for the future. It's looking like my 50's might just be some of the best years in my life so far.

In April I'm meeting up in Vegas with my best friend of 35 years. We have planned on celebrating our 50th birthday together for the past 15 years. At first, we said we would fly to the Caribbean Islands and rent a bungalow with a balcony so we could oggle all the young men in speedo's and make cat calls, but she went and got married again so we had to revise the plan. Now it's Vegas, the pools at Caesars Palace and a fabulous room there, good food, great shows, the spa and her husband gets to go with us to keep her out of trouble! The poor man, he doesn't know quite what he has gotten himself into with the two of us get together! (click here for a picture of the two of us last Fall)

So here is a great 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz to commemorate my year!

Meet Priscilla, the pink Caddy.

There is a great story about the car pictured, so I have included a link if you are interested in reading about how the owner acquired the Caddy lovingly named Priscilla. Here's the link: Read about Priscilla.

MHL (loving 50!)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll be joining the ranks of the "50 Years Young Club" in a year and a half from now. I'm like you... I plan to embrace it and be thankful for the 50 I got so far and will start working on my next 50. LOL! I want to get on the Willard Scott show when I turn 100! Woo Hoo!

    Have a great day and again... Happy Birthday!

  2. Well first, Happy Birthday to you! You don't look a day over 39 ;) I'm sure you and your friend will have a blast. As far as the hubby coming along to babysit...I wouldn't do that if I were him! That's all I'll say about that!

    Now, on to the Eldo. I want to thank you for doing what I also try to do when I can on my blog - provinding such great background and details. I sat for quite a while this morning and read Priscilla's entire history. I enjoyed every word of it; what a great story! It must be nice to be rich so you can actually realize your dreams. My Springer Classic is me realizing mine, but that was more in exchange for a healthy right ankle than it was for money.

    Who knows, maybe in 30 years someone will put up a webpage about the history of a certain '07 FLSTSC, and the biker named Joker who used to own her "back in the day."

    Have fun in Vegas! I wanna hear all the dirt!

  3. Ahh...The 1959 Caddy...The grandaddy of tail-fins.
    Back when a Caddy looked like a Caddy.
    I miss these big boats.


    Happy Birthday to you....!

  5. @Lady Ridesalot- Thanks for the birthday wishes :) I hope Willard Scott is still around when you are 100!

    @Joker- lol about the 39 (you sweet-talker!). As for my best buddy and me, her husband will have his hands full, theres really not much he can do to keep us from being us or finding trouble. It will be a blast for certain.

    Thanks also on the Eldo comments. I thought the Priscilla story was great too. Did you happen to notice that they also have a classic T-bird in the carport?! Must be nice. They live on the Gold Coast of OZ-land and seem to have done quite well.

    I plan on sharing pictures after the Vegas trip-dirt included! ;)

    @Dean- I think the Fins are great! These Caddys do feel like cruising along in a big-ass boat don't they lol.

    @Baron- Thanks too for the birthday wishes :)
    I tend to learn as I go. If I run across something that catches my eye, thats what I post. Thanks Sir.

    And thanks again all of you...I really enjoy your comments.


  6. Love your site!! I wanted to comment on the fact that you enter your car in shows but haven't won yet. Presentation is the key. Show off what is special. My car is no show car. It looks pretty good though, and with good presentation, I have won a few awards. Set up the interior with items complementing the year it was built. I actually open my trunk and set a of the Beatles, a 60's transistor radio, our year book from 1965, things like that. It gets attention and people like it. Come visit me at and see what my site is all about. Have fun with the car shows. My motto, "If it isn't fun, leave." Mustang Mike

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