Monday, November 30, 2009

Genesee Idaho Classic Car Show

Here are a few of the fabulous cars that took part in the Genesee Idaho Car Show on our annual Community Days celebration.

Charley has provided me with the photo's, you all remember Charley...the guy with the amazing Chevelle (pictured below). Thanks for the photo's Charley and for all the hard work you put into the car show!

Anyone interested in attending the Genesee Car Show, it is always the 2nd Saturday in June. I will post dates and deadlines here on my blog along with all contact information for entry applications as the time draws near.
(my Cougar, driven by my daughter Brit)

(Charley's Chevelle SS)

If you ever get the chance to visit our little town, you will step back in time. Genesee is a great place to live, it's like Mayberry...everyone know's each other and we look after our community. If someone is sick or needs help, meals show up, yard work gets done, farmers have even pulled together and harvested fields for someone when times are hard. I love it here.

I will post more pictures from the car show...there's lots to see!



  1. Wow. What a great place to live. It is a pity all places do not have that same atitude.
    What a great collection of classic and hot-rods..they sure look good to me.

  2. I love the cars of the 60's and 70's. Anything pre 80. I think it's cool when someone can take an old Nash? and make it look so good. Love the lowriders a lot. Hope Lowrider comes back on the speed channel this year.

  3. That Cougar of yours is really beautiful. I hope your daughter realizes how much trust must be involved in you letting her take the wheel. I figure owners of classic cars have a more personal feeling about them than just as a mode of transportation, which gives you something in common with bikers. Most of us look at someone asking to ride our bike as if they'd just asked if it was ok to bang one of our sisters.
    And I don't HAVE a sister!

  4. @ The Abbot- thanks for visiting! Yes, Genesee should have an arch over the road that leads into town that reads "you are now leaving the real world". I see several people that regularly ride their horses past my house, kids can ride their bikes around town and us parents know that "someone" always has a watchful eye on them, but admittedly, we do have the "real world" stuff to deal with at times too.

    @ Webster World- Hi :) Yup, I too, love the early 70's and back...those rides just "do it" for me!

    @ Joker- Gosh I've missed you! You always manage to put everything in just the right perspective...your analogy is "bang" on! As for my Cougar, she really is a beauty I must admit, but I am biased.

  5. Boy the Chevelle and Cougar really bring back some memories of my own. One big thought now is: I shoulda held on to those cars! :)