Friday, January 29, 2010 almost here!

Hi Everyone,

I think it's time to let you all know that I have another obsession in addition to Fast, Sexy, OH-SO-HOT, Muscle's the TV show LOST.

I have watched LOST from the very first show and my feelings towards the show boarder on "cult-ish". I never miss a show, my DVR is set with LOST as "top priority, always record no matter what and above all, with 100% protection to not be skipped"...I absolutely love LOST!

I think LOST is one of the best shows to ever hit TV. This is it's final season, all will be revealed and the lost who are always lost even though they have watched every episode multiple times, will no longer be LOST! (you have to be a LOST watcher to totally understand that last sentence). It is a bitter-sweet season of LOST for me because I'd rather stay Lost and have the show continue than to learn all the secrets that will be revealed, but as the saying goes "all good things must come to an end", thus LOST will end this year :-(

The final season will start on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010! On ABC

I have collected LOST items since the first season, I will now publicly reveal the extent of my obsession. I own:

  • a LOST canvas bag (very cool, no longer available)
  • a green LOST womans Tee (season 1, no longer available)
  • a teal/bluish LOST womans Tee (Season 2, no longer available)
  • a black LOST baseball hat (no longer available)
  • a blue Dharma Hoodie
  • a Geronimo Jackson Tee
  • a gray Dharma Tee
  • a red Dharma tee
  • a blue Dharma Stations stainless steel drinking bottle
  • a LOST calendar from season 1(already selling for $30.00, but I'm not selling mine)
  • 6 pint size Dharma Stations glasses
  • 6 Dharma Stations shot glasses
  • a pewter and leather Dharma key fob
  • a bronze and leather Dharma key fob
  • Season 1 dvd set
  • Season 2 dvd set
  • Season 3 dvd set
  • Season 4 dvd set
  • Season 5 dvd set
I'm sure I will add more items before the show ends :-)

Here is an interview from the show's actors talking about the season premier:

Let me know if any of you are LOST watchers!



  1. Never seen one episode....not one!

  2. Life won't be the same without it, life will be boring when you don't have to wonder what the hell is going on every week. I'm hoping the writers will come up with something else to keep us guessing.