Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Made In America Sports Cars

Hi Everyone,

I hope 2010 has been good to you so far.

Well, as some of you know, a challenge was given to me by a reader in the UK, yes, you Steve! Steve is a blogger that is a "follower" of mine and I am a "follower" of his blog So life begins at 40 does it? 

On a recent post I did about my best friend's car from high school, Steve put me to the test to find an American made car that can handle the road as well as or comparable to European cars. So here is one  American car that, in my opinion, can hold its own against European sports cars.

From the get go, I believe the Corvette has to be in the number one position!
The first Corvette pictured is a 1965, the Black one is 1966.

The Mark IV 396-ci 425-hp V8 engine debuts on the 1965 Corvette. The Mako Shark II show car debuts at the New York International Auto Show. The 1966 model introduces the 427-ci engine, at up to 450-hp.

The Red Vet pictured below is a 1971 Convertible 4 speed 350/270hp. In 1971 a Corvette finishes fourth overall in the 24 Hours of Daytona race, the highest showing to date for a Corvette at this race. A Car & Driver reader poll votes the Corvette the Best All-around Car.

Ok Steve...what do you think? Did I manage to find an American Classic Muscle Car that is:

  • Awesome
  • Gorgeous
  • Classic
  • Hauls Ass
  • Sounds Throaty and Sexy
  • Handles like it is magnetized to the road
The Corvette can hold it's own just on it's iconic status alone...but we all know, it's reputation is well deserved.
(photos courtesy of Vintage Vettes)

MHL :-)


  1. from a fellow motor-head, i say, GORGEOUS!!! :)

  2. Hey Sharon,

    I thought you'd forgotten!

    ok lets see.....

    Awesome -YES
    Gorgeous -YES
    Classic -YES
    Hauls Ass -YES
    Sounds Throaty and Sexy - YES
    Handles like it is magnetized to the road - Bit of a wild claim!

    The Corvettes of the 50s and 60s are without doubt pretty cars, perhaps prettier than anything offered in the same period by the whole of Europe. Stunning looks, ridiculously big engines, stunning soundtrack but as heavy as a pregnant cow that then made it handle like a drunk camel on roller skates! Good by American standards but poor by European. In the 70s and 80s things just got worse.

    It seems however that the Vette has finally delivered its Coup de Grace. It has come of age and redeemed itself.
    The ZR1 it would seem can mix it with the Euro crowd and win. Check out this link.



  3. Love the Vet. But let us not forget the Shelby Cobra. My all time favorite. Ouno#1 in my book. They kicked a lot of a** over across the pond.

  4. Hi mq01~ Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to comment. I hope to see you here again soon :)

    Steve~ I am still laughing at your comment. "bit of a wild claim!" lol, I can almost see your raised British eyebrows! Ok, I'll agree, it is a heavy car but c'mon! a "drunk camel on roller skates"??? (still laughing) OK, seriously, you didn't challenge me based on "European" standards, it was American car that could corner...that Vette qualifies :-) And even if it doesn't corner like a European sports car, you'd be so "high" on the experience of riding in that Vette, wind in your hair, sun on your face, and the thrill of the speed combined with "muscle music", who'd notice if you "drifted" a bit here and there...you'd be too busy yelling "yeah baby!"

    Hi Webster~ You and I are on the same wavelength. The Shelby was on my list along with the Viper. I'll do a Shelby Cobra post just for you soon :-)


  5. hi Webster, I hope you received that email that you asked me for? :)

    I can't disagree, the Vette or indeed any other pre 1980 muscle car would deliver a huge high and sensory overload that no European car could compete with (except maybe a Ferrari or an Aston Martin)That wasn't the challenge though. You were supposed to give me not one, but a list of American cars that could corner like a European car.

    I was actually expecting you to say the Cobra but (and I'm sure you both know this Sharon and Webster) The Cobra was an English car built by AC cars and then shipped unpainted to Shelby for an engine and finishing. I'm sure we can all agree that it is the chassis that determines a cars handling ability so the Cobra cannot count as it was an English chassis. - Nice try! :)

    As a side note, I've actually driven a Shelby Cobra, What a stunning car but wow is it lively at the rear! At every corner my arms were swinging from left to right like an Italian Pizza dough chef. Glorious soundtrack though and a fantastic piece of Anglo-American history.

  6. Steve~ I somehow knew I was going to get a rebuttal from you :-)
    Ok, I stand (pun) corrected, the challenge was a "list" and I'm not finished! This is not the easiest task as you well know and of course you have to be all "British" about it (that's actually a compliment) and what I mean by that is, you Brit's are sticklers for details! I'll give you props though Steve, you know your stuff! The Shelby Cobra was on my list to start with, but...it didn't take me too long to figure out that you'd call me on the carpet in a nano second, I couldn't have that now could I?

    We are not finished here :-)

    I bet it was thrilling to get to drive the Cobra! "lively rear end" and all :-)

    I'll be back Steve...game is still on!

  7. Now Steve I did not say Cobra I said Shelby Cobra. And It is my belief that the first Cobra had a straight 6 from Italy:) And yes I did get the E-Mail thank you for that.