Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Tattoo from Art Damage in Wasilla AK

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would share some photos of my newest tattoo.

My regular reader's know that my best friend is Tracy (pictured above...she would kill me for putting this picture of her up! This was taken at Caesars Palace in Vegas 2009) Anyway, when I went to Alaska in August '09, we got matching tattoo's. Her son Chad, is a tattoo artist and he designed the tattoo's for us, then, painstakingly suffered through the task of tattooing us! Not only do we talk non-stop when we are together, but we tend to think we are very funny also! We are loud and obnoxious and if we have had a couple only gets worse!

(Mt. McKinley in the background- awesome!)
So once Chad has finished drawing our special design, we headed to his studio to begin the process. I already know what to expect because I have another tattoo that I had done in the Fall of 2008. Tracy was still a tattoo virgin, so I was looking forward to watching her get her first Tat!

Ok...I know it's not the best photo of us, but, we were feeling no pain at this point (for various reasons) and we opted for no make-up that day. I must make a statement at this time which is required in order to maintain the integrity of my 35+ year friendship...Tracy's "bum" looks larger in this picture than it is in all fairness to her, she has a pillow under her hips because she has a lower back "issue" and laying on that table was very uncomfortable for her. (there, you should be happy Tracy).

We were/are very happy with the tattoo's Chad did for us. An interesting thing happened a few hours before we headed to Chad's studio. Tracy and I were sitting outside on her deck having a coffee and enjoying a gorgeous sunny day in Wasilla, when all of the sudden a blue/green dragonfly flew up to us, circled around our heads and then suddenly landed on Tracy's cheek! We had already chosen our design, so we figured it was a good omen and the dragonfly was giving us his blessings.

If you ever make it to Alaska and find yourself in the area of Wasilla, stop in and see Chad at Art Damage. He is an amazing artist!



  1. Cool tats! What a great way to share something special with a friend.

  2. Ahh,

    You've told me about these tattoos before but I've never seen them. They are cool! Fancy using a picture that make your best mates ass look big! I hope she forgives you, Tracy if you're reading I think Sharon has published this on purpose :)

    Great ink girls!

  3. Your tatoo's look great. Now her booty looks just fine. As good as the two pretty lady's sitting having morning coffee. The mountain looks awesome! Oh yea could you see Russia? :D

  4. Hi Mark~ Thanks for stopping by! We did have a great time with the whole process.

    Steve~ First off, in my defense, it's the only picture of the two of us that day that could be displayed publicly. She won't hold it against me :) Tracy has a great ass, anyone who has seen it says so...oh dear, ummm, I'm not saying that she shows her ass to anyone willing to look...well, not, now she might kill me!

    Hi Webster~ Thanks for the compliments (we never turn a compliment down!) Those mountains are incredible, the photo doesn't even come close to doing them justice. They are truly majestic. Well I wasn't in the location to be able to see Russia, but, anyone who know's their geography, know's it's a fact that YES you can see Russia from Alaska...CNN, Gibson and Couric evidently missed that lesson in school!

  5. oooooooooh, beautiful!! and to be touched by a live dragonfly right beforehand seems like a truely good omen to me. i have a dragonfly as well, i love it. im sure that you both will enjoy an even bigger special bond with it :)