Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ferrari F355 Berlinetta

Hi Everyone :-)

I was chatting with a fellow blogger recently and the conversation eventually lead to the subject of cars (imagine that, me talking about cars!). It is no secret that this friend has owned some very impressive automobiles and his Ferrari was mentioned during our chat. Suddenly he said "I want to send you a file" I said "ok" and accepted the incoming file on my computer. He then tells me "make sure your sound is on" was. What happened next sent my heart racing!

Through my speakers comes this incredible sound clip of his Ferrari muscling it's way down the road! It was fantastic! You could not only hear the precision, power and artistry of this magnificent machine, but you could literally FEEL it! There is no way for me to adequately describe the experience...all I can say is I fell in love with that car on the spot!

Most of you that have been reading my blog for a while now, certainly know that I really am a "motor head". I don't pretend to know all that much about cars, but I love learning about them. Cars have truly been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember and I suspect that the day I die one of my last thoughts will be of a car :-)

Now with full permission from Steve, our fellow blogger, I'd like to share the photo's and information about his beloved his own words, not mine. (click on photo's for larger views)

"To own and drive a Ferrari F355 is almost a sexual experience! Even washing and polishing this car is on a par with an essential oil massage!
This Vehicle was supplied new by Gray Paul Ferrari in Nov 1994. It spent its first few months in the Channel islands until its owner moved back to the mainland. As it is a UK supplied car it is right hand drive. I couldn't imagine driving a left hand drive Ferrari. I struggle driving a LHD Renault Megane gracefully when abroad.

It is finished in Rossa Barchetta which is ever so slightly darker than Rosso Corsa. Incidentally Rosso Barchetta was the first red used by Ferrari on their race cars and is considered by many to be the true Ferrari red. The interior is crema (cream) with red carpets and original red Ferrari overmats. The vehicle has both the original Ferrari leather toolkit and leather handbook wallet.
 The specification is as follows
  • 1994 model Ferrari F355 Berlinetta 28,000 miles
  • Rosso Barchetta
  • Crema hide including embossed prancing horse on the head restraints
  • Red carpets and overmats including enamel Ferrari Shields
  • air conditioning and climate control
  • electric windows
  • remote central locking
  • sigma alarm and immobiliser
  • adjustable steering
  • PAS
  • electronically adjustable suspension (normal and comfort)
  • electronic tyre pressure monitor
  • ABS (switchable)
  • Pioneer head unit with Pioneer 6 stack CD
  • Scuderia sheilds to the front wings
  • Rear Challenge Grille colour coded (Factory fitted option) keeps the engine much cooler than standard rear panel but looks better than the usual black challenge grille
  • Ferrari badged brake callipers"

Well after seeing the photo's above, I am fairly certain that most of you will agree with me...this Ferrari is exceptional!

Please take a few minutes to visit both of Steve's blogs here SO LIFE BEGINS AT 40 DOES IT? and FROM £400 TO A FERRARI you'll get a kick out of Steve..he's a pretty decent "bloke" :-)
In the video below you can watch a man turn into a blathering idiot all because of a blonde girl in a Ferrari...of course it help's to be a blonde Christie Brinkley in a Ferrari.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. ooooh - I don't wanna just ride in that - I want to DRIVE it!!! ;o)