Monday, November 30, 2009

Genesee Idaho Classic Car Show

Here are a few of the fabulous cars that took part in the Genesee Idaho Car Show on our annual Community Days celebration.

Charley has provided me with the photo's, you all remember Charley...the guy with the amazing Chevelle (pictured below). Thanks for the photo's Charley and for all the hard work you put into the car show!

Anyone interested in attending the Genesee Car Show, it is always the 2nd Saturday in June. I will post dates and deadlines here on my blog along with all contact information for entry applications as the time draws near.
(my Cougar, driven by my daughter Brit)

(Charley's Chevelle SS)

If you ever get the chance to visit our little town, you will step back in time. Genesee is a great place to live, it's like Mayberry...everyone know's each other and we look after our community. If someone is sick or needs help, meals show up, yard work gets done, farmers have even pulled together and harvested fields for someone when times are hard. I love it here.

I will post more pictures from the car show...there's lots to see!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Custom Ford Cabriolet

I wanted to put together some pictures of a few of my favorite Ford Cabriolet custom Hot Rods.

This first one is a 1936 Ford Cabriolet. All real steel. ZZ5 Crate engine w/high performance heads, GM350 transmission w/2000 stall converter, HEI ignition,Ford 9" rear diff w/3:20 gears. You can pick it up today for just $78,500 Visit

This next custom built 1939 Ford Cabriolet is an outrageous Orange and just for show, but amazing at the work and artistry that went into this car!
Engine: Type – GM Ram Jet 350 crate engine, Displacement – 350 cubic inches, Horsepower 350 @ 5200 RPM, Torque – 400 foot pounds @ 3500 RPM, Maximum recommended RPM –5800.
Transmission: Type – TPI 700 R-4 with shift kit. Torque Convertor – 2000 RPM stall speed. Shift – B & M ratchet type. Read more about this Rod at

I hope you enjoy these two Cabriolet's. I'll be back with more great cars :-)


Friday, November 27, 2009

Let the shopping begin!

Hi Readers...yes, I'm still alive, forgive me for my absence.

Well with Thanksgiving Day firmly behind us here in the States, I can now focus on Christmas!

I found the perfect car to compliment my Cougar XR7! The color doesn't clash, in fact they would be a perfect match. I'm adding it to my Christmas "wish" list, heck, I'll even limit the list to just this one item :-)

1990 Jaguar XJS:

Original MSRP- $55,500.00
Standard Engine- 5.3L 263HP V12
Torque- 288

Do I care that it only gets 13-18mpg? Ummm...NO! It's a Jag, a convertible and I would love every second of driving it!

Ho, Ho, Ho...Santa, I hope you can fit this item into your bag, in fact I'll make it easy on you, just go to Barrett - Jackson "The Worlds Greatest Collector Car Auctions"

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Jaguars. I know about all the "costs" with parts and servicing nightmares and all the other "warnings that fly out of a man's (sorry guys, but it's the men that throw out the complaints!) mouth at the mention of "I'd love to buy a Jag"...but none of that matter's when you want a car out of sheer joy, love and admiration of the beauty, design and technology that went into the vehicle.

So there's my Christmas wish :-)

I hope all of you are happy, healthy and enjoying every day that you are given.

Motor Head Lady