Friday, January 1, 2010

1969 GTO Judge

John Kryta, president of Inline Tube, found this ’69 GTO Judge and set out to do a total restor on it. The GTO sat neglected in a carport after carburetor problems sidelined it in 1981. With 77,000 miles on the odometer, the engine was seized, the interior was shot, and the body was far from perfect. John, his brother James, and a select crew of craftsmen spent 2,000 hours on a ground-up, frame-off restoration; 600 of those hours were delegated to bodywork and the Carousel Red paint.

The car was completely numbers-matching, with all original date codes and parts.
’69 Pontiac GTO Judge
Owned By: Inline Tube, Shelby Township , MI
Engine: ’69 400ci Ram Air III V-8, 366 hp
Transmission: Four-speed manual
Rearend: Safe-T-Track heavy duty with 3/55 gears and Posi
Interior: Parchment upholstery, center console; AM/FM radio; Rally wood steering wheel, gauges, and clock; tissue-paper dispenser
Wheels: Stock
Tires: Coker black-wall G70x14
Options: Hideaway headlights, hood tach, power disc brakes
Special Parts: Owner’s manual, manual jacket, Pontiac Historical Society – documented Judge paperwork, build sheet, inspection sheet, warranty trifold, emissions card, spare-keys envelope, steering-column start tag, sales brochure, window sticker, Judge sales card
Assembly Plant: Fremont , CA
Cost When New: List base price $3,156; added options $1,327

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  1. Tese were sooo awesome when they came out. What a car. This one looks really good.

  2. Ah...the memories. Back in the day when these babies were still actually around and in half-decent original shape I could have had one if I made the effort. I never did though. You just don't think about stuff like that becoming very rare and valuable. I take comfort in knowing that even if I had of had one, I'd have been forced to get rid of it when I got married. I know this because I had a VERY nice '75 Grand Prix LJ that went the way of the buffalo 15 years ago. At least I can say I had a 78 "Bandit" Trans-Am...screamin' chicken on the hood and all. Now THAT was a car!

    Sorry I haven't been by for a bit...been pretty busy and tryin to catch up on all the blogs. Hope you had a Happy New Year MHL...I know things got a little rough for you in '09. This year will be better for you, I can feel it in my bones!