Thursday, January 14, 2010

"A Cover for my Mother" by Teddy Carcich

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share this with you, I'm totally blown away by how sweet this is!

My son Teddy, called me and said "Mom have you seen my Facebook page?" I replied "no", he said "well, go look at it, I did something for you".

Here it is:

And here is another Youtube video Teddy did. I'm just a little biased, but I think he is very talented...and for the most part, self-taught on the guitar except for a few basic lessons one summer about 5 or 6 years ago! He is taking lessons now though, he just started them right before Christmas.

I love you Teddy, you Rock!

MHL aka Mom.


  1. Yeah he really does rock!

    I love the sounds he's managing to get from that guitar/amp combo. Really sweet sounds, really sweet thought.

    I bet you're glowing with pride Mom!

  2. That is so sweet. Both of my boys play, age 18 and 21 now, but started in their teens and were self taught too. Now the oldest teaches guitar lessons while at college. It's just one of his many part time jobs; tutoring, writing, working at a golf course, and repairing computer systems. So, the torture I went through when he was learning :-) paid off in some way for him. You should be very proud.

  3. He seems to be doing very well on the strings. Love that song too.